Hello Fashion was established in 2011 based in Scotland. We aim to supply lastest fashion trend with great value. We bring out hundreds new Jewellery designs to the market every year designed with most popular elements such as semi-precious, 18ct plated fine jewellery and crystals. department stores, gifts stores, elegant boutiques, fashion accessories shops and popoular online retailers.

Hello Fashion is also proud of the new brand Symbology which has been adorned by customers around the country because of the meaning with love and passion

Love of beauty is taste and if you have good taste you will love HELLO FASHION jewellery! This forward thinking jewellery brand created by a husband and wife team is filling the gap in the market for affordable and fashionable semi-precious jewellery.

We aim to create unique jewellery for women of all ages, each and every bead is hand chosen by ourselves and with this attention to detail and love of colour we strive to create the very best handmade accessories for women, to express their individual style.

Each season sees a new collection launched by the HelloFashion team, all hand made in the UK taking inspiration form global influences and current trends. Striking a beautiful balance of colour, material, and textures creating timeless and unique pieces.

Hello Fashion jewellery has seen international success, our designs are creative many of our customers start collecting and with the flexibility of our jewellery, changeable pendants and multi functionality, our customers can create their own look¡± quotes Head Designer Sunny.

Tim Zhou
Business Manager